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Tips for delivering a highly-engaging Toolbox Talk

Posted on Feb 28, 2018

Communication is a key factor in making sure the importance health, safety and environmental management on construction sites is given the care and attention it needs.

Supervisors, managers and contractors need to interact and engage with site workers to control risks and identify hazards together.

It is vital that workers can consult with their employer to address any concerns they have regarding health and safety in the workplace.

The CITB suggests that effective worker feedback and cooperation is achieved when workers:

are consulted with

are confident in their managers and supervisors competence

know when their ideas and concerns will be listened to, and if required, acted upon

have sufficient knowledge to recognise when something is not safe

have been trained in the skills necessary to deliver effective feedback.

Toolbox talks are a proven and engaging way to provide advice on health, safety and environmental matters. Also, to initiate discussions to gain feedback and ultimately aim to improve standards.

Naturally, Toolbox Talks are not a replacement for high-quality construction training for workers. You need to make sure workers are trained and qualified to undertake tasks assigned to them.

Toolbox Talks: GT 700 Official CITB Publication (2017 edition)

Toolbox talks (GT 700) has been designed to assist supervisors at all levels to prepare and deliver effective toolbox talks on building and construction sites. It is the official supporting publication for the CITB Site Safety Plus Site supervisors’ safety training scheme (SSSTS), a two-day course for first line managers and supervisors, and the one-day SSSTS refresher course.

Toolbox talks are an important method of both delivering advice on matters of health, safety and the environment, and to stimulate discussions, to obtain feedback, thus helping to maintain and improve standards.

New for 2017

The content has been reviewed to ensure it reflects current legislation and good practice.

New talks have been added on mental health and work-related stress.

Talks have been reordered to align with the topic order in other core publications.

New images have been included throughout to enhance the audience-facing pages.

The online format is now mobile device compatible.

The digital book design has been revised and includes animated, turnable pages.

The book is available for purchase in their online shop of the CITB.