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More training needed to prevent avoidable accidents, says construction training experts

Posted on Nov 30, 2018

It’s well known that construction can be a dangerous field of work, but health and safety training and regulations are there to make the risk as minimal as possible.

Then why is it that countless people are still being fatally injured whilst working on site?

For example, a man died on a building site after being ‘buried alive’. A trench designed to take drainage pipes collapsed on his head as he worked to build new homes. He was buried in earth and rubble and suffered severe blunt force trauma to his head, which caused a large skull fracture, from which he died.

Apparently, the trench had not been dug in a safe way, but this was unknown to the man in question.

Another man died last year after he entered into a construction area and stepped onto a blue tarpaulin that was placed to prevent rainwater entering the basement. He fell into the void and sustained a fatal laceration to the neck. There was no signage or fencing warning of this void.

Life changing accidents are also commonplace, with one scaffolding company being ordered to pay out more than £60,000 after a worker was crushed by a forklift truck. An investigation by the Health & Safety Executive found that the company has failed to train employees in the safe operation of forklift trucks and had also failed to provide adequate supervision.

With the extend of training available to construction workers – in fact it’s just been announced that the sector will be getting £22m government funding to train workers – there really is no excuse for workers not being adequately trained to work safely on site.

Stuart Anderson, the Client Services Director at Construction Skills People, said: “It’s sad always see news about workers being fatally injured on site. Many of these incidents could have been avoided if proper health and safety measures had been in place – it’s literally a life and death situation.

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