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CSP urges construction companies to review staff skill requirements after operator injured

Posted on Jun 12, 2018

Construction Skills People, a leading provider of vocational qualifications and commercial training courses specifically for the construction sector, has urged businesses operating within the industry to regularly review the skill requirements of their staff to ensure they are health and safety compliant.

The call to action comes just weeks after a Sussex-based building contractor was fined more than £26k and ordered to pay costs of £3,659 after pleading guilty to safety breaches that led to the serious injury of one of its operators.

In a hearing last month, Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard how a dumper tipped over the edge of an embankment and landed upside down, trapping the operator and causing fractures to his right thigh, hip socket and vertebrae.

According to media reports, an HSE investigation into the incident found that the company had failed to provide the operator with appropriate training, and that the site manager had not been provided with suitable training for managing a site, or to ensure that those operating under him were doing so safely.

Stuart Anderson of Construction Skills People, said: “It is always concerning to hear that a member of the construction community has been injured, especially when an investigation reveals that the correct training had not been carried out that could potentially have prevented the incident from occurring in the first place.

“Not only does relevant training make staff more confident and capable, as well as contractors better placed to win business, but it also increases the safety and well-being of their staff which of course is a core priority for all.”

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