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CITB: The Health, Safety & Environment test is being changed, here’s why.

Posted on Sep 25, 2017

CITB’s Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) Test is essential in making sure the UK construction workforce has the right knowledge, skills and training. It helps raise the health, safety and environmental standards on-site. It supports the prevention of accidents and sets a consistent standard across the board.

The CITB will be redeveloping the test and revision materials. They plan to phase this out over the next two years with support from representational industry groups.

In a recent press release, CITB have laid out their commitment to the industry with a key pledge to providing a HS&E test which continues to deliver against its purpose. Their “long-term continued development” will see an extensive test centre network, stable pricing, a helpful support/revision package and ongoing quality assurance to maintain test integrity.

So, why is it being redeveloped?

To make sure it’s achieving its intended purpose – setting standards which help prevent accidents.

Keeping up with the times – changes in the industry, job roles and tasks will be reflected in this test to make it more relevant to the demands of the modern construction environment.

A better understanding of how testing works will help develop better questions.

Which bits are changing?

New question types which contextualise and increase relevance – January 2018

Updated support and revision materials – April 2018

New questions based on relevant construction activity, including alignment with HSE focus areas – June 2019

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