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£36m clean energy government funding announced

Posted on Sep 27, 2018

Could the future of construction lie within green technology? Construction workers in the UK could soon be replacing bricks and mortar with smart technologies if new funding takes off on a national scale.

In a move that could revolutionise the industry, the government has announced £36m in funding for clean energy innovation in the industry.

During a visit to Wales, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the funding will be provided to Swansea in support of cutting edge building materials.

The green technology uses light and heat to generate energy which has the capacity to power homes, with the potential to replace conventional walls, roofs and windows to generate electricity which is stored and released by an internal smart operating system.

The funding boost comes as part of the government’s mission to lower the energy use of new buildings by 50% by 2030.

Stuart Anderson from Construction Skills People, which delivers a wide range of vocational qualifications and commercial training courses specifically for the construction sector, said: “This funding boost for Swansea has huge potential to extend the use of green tech in the construction sector across the UK as a whole.

“Using run of the mill bricks and mortar could eventually be a thing of the past, with the next generation of construction workers trained to build using high tech green materials.

“For now, it’s great to see the government future proof the industry by backing new and innovative technologies.

“As the country moves towards a low carbon economy, it’s vital we explore greener alternatives. This funding boost will enable the sector to do that.”