CPCS Red/Blue Card Courses – EWPAR

Blue CPCS 01If you have a Red CPCS Trained Operator card we can put you on the NVQ you will need to upgrade your card to the Blue CPCS Competent Operator Card, the NVQ is delivered while you are on site working and your assessor will work with you on a one to one basis to ensure you achieve your NVQ with the minimum of fuss.


In many cases we are able to offer the NVQ that is delivered by the CITB approved EWPAR delivery method. The Experienced Worker Practical Assessment Route is only suitable for candidates with a minimum amount of experience of operating plant and involves just one assessment visit carried out on site, meaning very little time is spent away from work.


For more details click here: Plant NVQ in 3 Easy Steps Flyer


For more details on our CPCS Blue card EWPAR courses please click on the links below which will provide you with

a detailed breakdown of each course. If you have any questions or do not see the Blue CPCS 02category of plant you need a for Blue CPCS card for please call us on 0800 130 3225.


EWPAR A09 Forward Dumper


EWPAR A10 180 Excavator 5T Site Spec


EWPAR A12 180 Excavator 5T 


EWPAR A17 Telehandler


EWPAR A21 Wheeled Loading Shovel


EWPAR A31 Ride-on Roller


EWPAR A36 Lorry Loader

Blue CPCS 03


EWPAR A40 Slinger Signaller


EWPAR A59 360 Excavator 10t Site Spec










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